Our hygiene policy

Guest rooms:
  • Use of fresh cleaning utensils and disinfectants with every room cleaning
  • Doorknobs, light switches, TV remote controls, frequently used surfaces such us desks and shelves, back of chairs and headrests, are particularly disinfected
  • We obtain our laundry from the South Tyrolean company LAVARENT
  • The laundry is properly stored and strictly separated from unclean laundry, other cleaning agents and cleaning utensils
  • The laundry is treated according to certified washing processes according to UNI EN 14065
Public spaces:
  • Door pulls and window handle in the public spaces, the lift, the check-in Terminal and payment machines, tables and chairs in the lobby and other frequently used surfaces at the reception and in the entrance area are regularly disinfected
Breakfast room and breakfast buffet
  • The tables in the breakfast room are disinfected after the standard cleaning
  • All tables are placed in such a way that the necessary distance is maintained
  • All utensils (cutlery) and all surfaces on the buffet are disinfected
  • According to regulations, cutlery and crockery are washed to over 60°C and then properly stored
  • All food is processed and stored in accordance with the HACCP regulations

Our security policy
  • All employees have been trained in the new security measures and standards
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available at the hotel entrance, at the reception, in the corridors and in the breakfast room,
  • Separate check-in and check-out areas to avoid crowds
For our guests:
We ask our guests to hold the following security regulations:
  • Regular hand disinfection
  • Avoid crowds
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from other guests
  • Use of the elevator only with the accompanying persons
  • Payment of the bill in the evening before the check-out to avoid crowds at the reception

Situation in South Tyrol
  • More information about the current situation in South Tyrol you will find here: www. suedtirol.info
For a safe stay!