As a special service at Hotel Brenner we offer a self-check-in! On the hotel's self-check-in machine you can book free rooms by credit card. If you have booked in advance, you can check in at any time by using your booking number. In case of questions or problems there is a 24-hour telephone service .

Check-in outside reception hours: check-in is possible from 2 p.m. via the "Check-in Terminal".
There is an information telephone at the check-in terminal where you can reach us at any time.

The self-check-in service

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1. Book free rooms directly onsite:
  • Choose language
  • click on "Arrival without reservation"
  • choose free room
  • enter name and address
  • Pay with EC or credit card (except AMEX and Diners)
  • remove the room card - your room number is written on the room card

2. If you have booked in advance and arrive outside office hours: simply check-in at the machine:
  • Choose language
  • click on "Arrival with reservation"
  • enter the password = booking number
  • follow the instructions on the machine and confirm by pressing OK
  • Remove the room card: your room number is written on the room card
  • Pay at reception the next day

In case of problems or questions we have a 24-hour telephone service!
The room card is a chip card and opens the hotel entry door and the room door.